Membership with CultureSource means access for your organization to convene and learn with an alliance who share a common mission of creating impact for visitors and supporters in order to cultivate an innovative, collaborative, diverse and engaged community. 

We are proud to offer our members access to an array of opportunities to help advance their organizations. As a CultureSource member, your organization receives access to membership benefits for all employees. 

Capacity Building Programs

CultureSource provides and facilitates professional development programs that seek to help our members improve their individual effectiveness.

Through our programming, we are proud to provide opportunities for our members to build skills, host experts to help us think critically, and connect our member network to work on areas specific to their organizational roles—including: financial planning, marketing, operations, audience building, leadership development, and business management skills.

Marketing Resources

CultureSource provides a voice for the arts and culture sector, using our news platform and strategic partnerships to cultivate original editorial coverage. Our feature stories elevate arts and culture programming, highlight community-wide trends, and connect the arts community to the greater for-profit business, education, and civic audiences. 

CultureSource members may be highlighted on social media and on our website, where members receive a dedicated personalized page in our member directory.


CultureSource acts as the collective voice for the sector in Southeast Michigan. Representing our members, CultureSource is in a unique position to act as an intermediary between the arts and culture sector as a whole, and the larger community of which we are a part.  

Advocacy is a two-way street: on the one hand, helping the community to appreciate and to maximize the benefits of arts and culture for education, civic engagement and community development; and on the other hand, helping arts and culture organizations to understand their potential for community impact, and to improve their contributions to the greater good of the region.