Michigan Alliance for Cultural Accessibility

November 7, 2017
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Web: click here

Email: accessibility@aahom.org

Phone: 734-205-9564

Limited Mobility

Accessible parking: Yes

Accessible entrances: Yes

Drop-off zone(s): Parking lot may be used for drop-offs

Accessible restrooms: Yes

Wheelchairs/Motorized Scooters: Yes (Courtesy wheelchairs)

Benches/seating in public areas: Yes

Shuttle service: No

Blind/Low Vision

Large print/Braille maps/labels: Yes (Available upon request)

Touch tours/ hands-on interactives: AAHOM is a hands-on facility


Assistive Listening Devices: No

Sign language interpretation: No

Captioning on videos: No

Transcripts for audio: Yes (Available upon request)

Autism Spectrum Disorder/Sensory Processing Disorder

Autism training for staff: Yes

Social stories: Yes

Sensory-friendly hours/days: Yes

Designated quiet spaces: Yes (Available upon request)

Noise-canceling headphones/earplugs: Yes


Program for people with dementia: No

Other Developmental Disabilities

Program/offering: No

Additional Amenities & Offerings

Gender neutral/unisex restroom(s): Yes

Family restroom(s): Yes

Nursing room: Yes

Maps/guides in languages other than English: No

Any other offerings? Virtual tour