From the Executive Director

Dear CultureSource Members,

Tuesday's meeting of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) was informative and inspiring. In case you weren't able to attend, below is a recap, which I'm composing both as MCACA chairman and our alliance's executive director.

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
Mary Anne Carter, Acting Chairman of the NEA, spoke about exciting agency expansions and the spirit of optimism and opportunity characterizing their broad-reaching work. While congressional support is consistent and has recently increased, NEA staff is diligently focused on growing awareness of NEA impacts. They are doing this through special initiatives that touch disaster recovery, military healing arts, community economic development, and general aspects of people's daily lives. We can help them in their efforts by making sure our local officials know how much we value the NEA's support.

John Bracey Tribute
Long-time MCACA executive director John Bracey will retire soon, and during Tuesday's meeting, the NEA made a federal proclamation recognizing John's distinguished service. We also screened a video tribute to John produced by Detroit Public Television, honoring his decades of supporting the state’s arts and culture organizations.

Grant Award Announcements
I was proud seeing so many grant awards to Southeast Michigan arts and culture organizations and projects. Congratulations! A full list of awards by county is available here. Also, as the Wayne County Regional Regrantor for MCACA, CultureSource will announce our minigrant awards the week of September 24th.

Special News!
The NEA has selected Detroit as the summer 2019 host city for the National Council on the Arts annual meeting. This meeting has rarely occurred outside of DC, and the NEA's choice of Detroit is a direct result of the time many of you spent in March helping CultureSource host Tom Simplot, Senior Advisor to the Senior Deputy Chairman, showcasing the artistic and cultural diversity we have in our region.

Wishing you all a successful start to your fall season,